"Bill," by Marjorie D. Caldwell

An Original Oil Painting on Canvas, 20x16

Marjorie has done an excellent job of capturing Bill onto canvas. One has the sense of being in the presence of the actual person in the painting. He seems to be "right there."

Bill is a gentle, good-humored, confident man, with a love of life and not afraid to face challenges. Marjorie has indeed captured those attributes in this portrait, making the viewer feel as though he/she knows Bill.

When Marjorie works on a portrait, she takes the time to get to know her subject before any preliminary painting work begins. It's through this "acquainting" time she gains her grasp of the subject's character and personality that she'll bring out onto the canvas.

Marjorie specializes in portraits portraits of people, wildlife, pets, and objects. She is adept at portraying onto canvas very realistic renditions of her subject, bringing onto canvas the very personality and character of, for instance, the person whom she's portraying. Her greatest desire is that the image on the canvas will be so very real to the viewer that the viewer will feel the actual presence of the person, or subject, portrayed.

If you'd like Marjorie to do a portrait of you or a loved one of yours, feel free to call or write. You can reach her at the number or address below. Send her an email. She will respond in person.

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