"Desert Cool," by Marjorie D. Caldwell

75 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints on Canvas
Same 20x32 size as the original, and framed in same type frame as the original.

Nature's art at it's finest! Desert Cool is a portrait of the epitome of a horse -- a black Arabian stallion in a desert setting. The landscape is part of The Canyon Lands National Park of Utah.

This is an outstanding painting. This black Arabian stallion looks real enough to gallop off the canvas. With the sky reflecting on his brilliant coat, the viewer is totally taken by his unique stance and great beauty.

This painting is a "must" for those who truly love great beauty in magnificent horses and who appreciate the grandeur of our Western heritage.

$231.04 ..... Framed S/N Print on Canvas
$131.19 ..... Unframed S/N Print on Canvas
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