"The Spirit of Montana" by Marjorie D. Caldwell

An Original Oil on Canvas, 24x16,

The man in this portrait epitomizes the nature-loving Montanan, full of life and with a quiet stillness. The scenic mountainous landscape is part of the Cabinet Wilderness area of northwestern Montana. The type of shirt this man is wearing used to be made by Indian women many years ago; it was a true western art. They chewed the leather to make it of the finest softness. After many years, this shirt would still be found soft and supple. This shirt is one of the authentic ones made by chewing the leather to soften it before making it into this shirt.

Marjorie did an excellent job capturing the conflicting enigmas she saw in this man: A certain confidence and self-assurance mixed with skyness and a touch of lack of confidence. He is a very gentle, kind person, and those attributes are captured here beautifully.

When Marjorie works on a portrait, she takes the time to get to know her subject before any preliminary painting work begins. It's through this "acquainting" time she gains her grasp of the subject's character and personality that she'll bring out onto the canvas.

Marjorie specializes in portraits portraits of people, wildlife, pets, and objects. She is adept at portraying onto canvas very realistic renditions of her subject, bringing onto canvas the very personality and character of, for instance, the person whom she's portraying. Her greatest desire is that the image on the canvas will be so very real to the viewer that the viewer will feel the actual presence of the person, or subject, portrayed.

If you'd like Marjorie to do a portrait of you or a loved one of yours, feel free to call or write. You can reach her at the number or email address below. Send her an email. She will respond in person.

$660.00....The Original
Also -- 10 x 8 prints of "The Spirit of Montana" are available:

Framed with double non-suede mat -- $20.00
Framed with triple non-suede mat -- $20.50
Matted with double non-suede mat, and shrink-wrapped only -- $10.00
Matted with triple non-suede mat, and shrink-wrapped only -- $10.50

The mats on these small prints do not have the decorative cuts.
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