#128, "Plateau of the Rivers - North Africa" by Lan Spurgers

11"H (UL 3.5)

These illuminaria sets are very impressive. Notice the height of the holder.

The above candle sculpture comes in a 3-piece set. Each set includes a luminaria, a candleholder of similar design, and a UL electric light/stand. For more information and an image of a representative candleholder and UL electric light/stand, click on the small bar below here:


"Plateau of the Rivers" also comes in the form of a fountain. The fountain is 16" high and comes complete with it's own single plug, dual action light/pump assembly. This Mystic Fountain is #1102.

Click below here to see images of fountains


Click below here to see the inner workings of the fountains and the water cascading down the back of one.

$77.00.... .#128 "Plateau of the Rivers" candle sculpture -- Shipping is FREE within the Continental U.S.
$131.00...#1102 "Plateau of the Rivers" mystic fountain -- Shipping is FREE within the Continental U.S.

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In the recent past, along with Collectible World Studios of the UK, the producer has been producing pieces in China for the European market. It has been an extremely successful import program and we are pleased to be able to offer these same high-quality pieces to you -- extremely good value at affordable prices: approximately 30% lower in price with the same quality as has always been the case.

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