Graphic courtesy Bruce Jensen, Montana Fly Fisherman

Hello, I'm Marjorie and this is my little friend, Scruffs, whom I'm holding. She adopted my husband, Bill, and I April 2, 1992. Scruffs came bounding into our home one evening, and directly into our hearts a short time later. She passed away Dec. 1995. The Lord so graciously brought another little friend into our lives in mid- January, 1996, and with. great pleasure, I introduce my little friend, Scruffus.

Just as Scruffs posed for me while I worked on her portrait, Scruffus has also had the pleasure of doing the same. Come visit me at the shows I'm planning to attend -- Scruffus will also be there, and, as many of you have found, she takes great delight in visiting with folks at the shows.

I don't try to catch all the shows, there is only so much time and my studio/gallery beckons me. I've had the great honor and pleasure of being included in 3 International biographies (26th, 27th, and the upcoming 28th Dictionary of International Biography), The (International) Outstanding People of the 20th Century, and The National Register's WHO'S WHO in Executives and Professionals. You are welcome to visit my studio/gallery whenever you like. "The coffee pot's always on."

I work at this full time, and I'm dedicated to creating the finest of art, both for your sake and mine. Each piece is entered into a Registry, is numbered, and has it's history and description recorded.

All of my work is of real people, real wildlife, real places. I strive to catch the character of the flavor, people, wildlife, and exquisite scenic landscapes of the Pacific Northwest, primarily northwestern Montana (which is where we live).

I take great delight in achieving realism in my art. This allows both myself and my clients to relax in the stillness of the living room while enjoying the essence of the out-of-doors through fine art which depicts western landscapes, portraits of people, portraits of wildlife, and various scenic nature situations.

I've had a lot of artists tell me they can't work unless they are inspired by something. I have this burning in my heart literally all the time. It's an inner urge that is only satisfied at my canvas, paint and brushes in hand. I talk with the Lord a lot while I work, and am always looking to Him to help me understand how to better achieve what I'm striving for, which is to capture on canvas the very life He puts into all things.

If you can't visit me in person, it would give me great delight to have you drop me an e-mail note, or just say "Hello" via e-mail, so I'll know you waved. Click here for a pre-addressed e-mail form. Thanks, I appreciate your sending that.

Come meet me at the following fine art shows/sales

580 Greers Ferry, Libby MT 59923
Telephone or FAX 406-293-9320

I put out a Newsletter periodically. If you would like to be added to my mailing list for receiving the Newsletter, just click here and say "Heh, Marjorie, add me to your mailing list." I tell of upcoming shows, planned prints, and special events and offerings.

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