Neil Rose

Living, hunting, fishing, studying, and working in the rugged mountains of western Montana has given Neil not only an exceptional knowledge of the wildlife he sculpts, but also a unique understanding of our Native American heritage. He has studied the lives and cultures of coastal, plains, and mountain tribes. His models have been authenticated by several tribal comments.

In his commitment to depicting only the truth in nature and life, Neil Rose continues to build upon his 50 years of personal search for the beauty, simplicity, and depth of history of all things living in the purity of their natural environment. Through these new Collector Edition works of art, Neil depicts a more detailed remembrance of the magnificence and wonders of our great American heritage. He hopes to preserve the unique reality and to honor the history of this great land through his artistic presentations of truth and life of today and yesterday.

Neil Rose has previously sculpted more than 600 pieces and has sold over 140,000 copies internationally during the past 12 years. Neil has direct control of every phase of artistic production in especially his latter pieces, thereby ensuring his customers that each piece will be to his exacting specifications and will be produced by personally trained and supervised artisans. This process has produced the more natural colors, the greater intricacies of detail, and the more life-like styles you see in these new works of art. Several customers have said they can feel the excitement of Neil Rose's new venture in these studio editions of his art.

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