"Pody," by Marjorie D. Caldwell
An Original Oil Painting on Canvas, 16 x 12

A very special father and friend of many. Pody looks here as if he could speak to you from the canvas. Marjorie did a supberb job of making him seem "right here."

Pody was a very interesting, and complicated, man. His suspenders are tattered from the squirrels that crawled on him. Pody made friends with and fed many animals; loggers even brought to him squirrels from nests in trees which were cut down. Pody would care for the babies until they could be returned to the wild.

The setting behind Pody was where he spent his summers. The trailer was his summer home, parked at Thompson Lakes early in the season through summer and later at Lake Koocanusa. The squirrels on the picnic table were a regular sight wherever you found Pody, be it at home in Libby with his wife or at the lakes. Fred, the dog, was a favorie companion. The painting in the trailer's doorway is of Babe, another favorite of Pody. The flags, the bird house: these were regulars at his campsite. Pody will be greatly missed, but this painting makes it seem as if he's right with you, the viewer, and he's wanting to visit with you.

When Marjorie works on a portrait, she takes the time to get to know her subject before any preliminary painting work begins. It's through this "acquainting" time she gains her grasp of the subject's character and personality that she'll bring out onto the canvas.

Marjorie specializes in portraits portraits of people, wildlife, pets, and objects. She is adept at portraying onto canvas very realistic renditions of her subject, bringing onto canvas the very personality and character of, for instance, the person whom she's portraying. Her greatest desire is that the image on the canvas will be so very real to the viewer that the viewer will feel the actual presence of the person, or subject, portrayed.

If you'd like Marjorie to do a portrait of you or a loved one of yours, feel free to call or write. You can reach her at the number or email address below. Send her an email. She will respond in person.

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