"Tracks of Yesterday" by Marjorie D. Caldwell

Limited Edition Signed and Numbered Prints of An Original Oil , image size: 15.5x19, inside frame size 20 x 24 1/2

For those who can feel the unspoken words of this old wood, a new story unfolds each day; secrets of time being shared between this old pier and bench and the viewer. This print of Marjorie's oil painting is done in ultra realism. The viewer can almost feel the splinters of the old wood.

You can almost hear the laughter of yesterday's excited youngsters as they jump from the pier into the cold waters of this mountain lake. You almost see the wet footprints of yesterday's folks dripping from their recent dip in the waters. You feel the warm sunshine on the wet backs.

Today small animals gingerly make their way to the water's edge for a cool drink in the starry night. A raccoon dips it's food in these waters at night. Frogs now make their home among the many lily pads of this mountain lake.

Signed and numbered limited edition prints(465), are quality foam backed and shrink wrapped. All materials are acid free.... $95.00.
Signed and numbered Artist's Proofs (25):... $120.00.
Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints (465)Framed (shown to the left):... $183.20
Signed and Numbered Artist's Proofs (25)Framed (shown to the left):... $213.20

Also -- 10 x 8 prints of "Tracks of yesterday" are available:

Framed with triple mat -- $21.00 either color
Matted with triple mat, and shrink-wrapped only -- $10.50 either color

These small prints are matted with either 1) an outer mat of a golden brown suede to enhance sunlight on wood, middle mat of pastel pink, enhancing sunlight. Inner mat of ashen, enhancing grey of wood, or
2) a medium grey suede mat enhancing the lighter grey tones of the pier, middle mat of pastel pink, enhancing sunlight, and innder mat of ashen, enhancing grey of wood. The mats on these small prints do not have the decorative cuts.

....For more information call 1-800-909-4927 or E-mail us at gallery@KootenaiFineArt.com. Samples are actual prints, 3" x 5", and printed on the same paper as the full size prints.

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