"Executive Decisions," by Marjorie D. Caldwell

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365 Signed and Numbered Limited Edition Prints
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Image Size 15 x 11, 20 x 13 overall

This is a truly striking painting and print, capturing in vivid realism a calm wolverine crossing a stump.

This painting's name, "Executive Decisions," is based on the peculiarities of wolverines and this one in particular. Wolverines are very active creatures, who'll turn on an instant to another activity or interest. Executives must make decisions, sometimes snap decisions. Their futures (and those of others) may very well depend upon those decisions. Marjorie finds a similarity in this wolverine and his decision-making process and that of (some) executives.

Although the wolverine is one of nature's "most feared wildlife," yet Marjorie has captured him looking so gentle and innocent. He's facing the viewer, yet he'll turn on a whim. He's climbing over the stump, yet he stopped and is totally relaxed, pondering his next move. So many decisions and he makes them so quickly! Can he really be as fierce as his reputation, or is his gentle appearance only an appearance? Although we may fear him based on what we've heard, perhaps he sometimes has an outward fierceness to fend off enemies and is not really so alarming after all!

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Also -- 10 x 8 prints of "Executive Decisions" are available:

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